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I love photographing and I would be glad if you could have a nice time as well. My goal is that you will enjoy the photo shoot indeed. In the place you feel most naturally, in the moments that are important to you, with the people you love. Therefore, I photography not only in the studio, but also in nature, in interesting places, indoors luxury room or even in your home. It depends on what kind of photos you are interested. I offer classic portraits, photographing pregnant women and babies, a group photograph or artistic nudes.

You do not know how to pose or look like a model and you can still have nice pictures. Beauty lies within each of us, and my job is to find and capture it. I always agree with clients on an individual basis during the photo shoot. Just contact me and we can discuss together everything in advance via email, telephone, or personally. Your ideas and suggestions are very important, as well as mutual trust and openness. Great emphasis is also on your privacy and protection. Without your consent, any of your photographs will be published. In any case, I fully respect your decision.

very company needs a accurate, simple and easy to remember the brand. Logo. Business card. I offer my services in the field of Advertising and graphics. I will propose and produce various promotional materials, business cards, flyers, catalogs, packaging. Do not be afraid of unleashing your imagination and I try to catch it in graphical form. Look at the logos from my portfolio. Do you like them? The next one may be just yours!

Do you like taking pictures, but do not have time to edit photos, choose a few of the best and do something with them? I offer my more experienced eye in selecting good shots and professional finish post-production work including retouching and photo editing. Do not waste time at your computer and do not worry about that I can do for you. Quickly and professionally. And you are left with plenty of time for fun and acquisition of new photos with family, friends or traveling around the world.

If you are interested in other services in the field of photography and graphic design than those listed here, please contact me. Let's see what I'll be able to do for you.